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Specialist Longevity High Current Plugs


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Metal Deposition Solutions: Specialist Longevity for High Current Plugs

If you´re looking for a reliable solution to bring higher current capability to your electronic devices, metal deposition solutions may be the ideal option. A metal deposition solution is a process which coats metals onto electrodes and contact points to achieve a high current rating, thus extending the life of the device. In this blog post, we´ll take a look inside metal deposition solutions to understand how they work and how they can be used to extend the longevity of high-current plugs.

What are metal deposition solutions?

Metal deposition solutions are a specialized type of metal finishing process that involves applying a layer of metal material over an electrode or contact surface. The metal layers can be plated with various metals, such as copper, silver, nickel, or gold, depending on the application. This process helps to increase the electrical conductivity of the electrode and thereby extends its life by increasing its current capacity.

How do metal deposition solutions work?

Metal deposition works by a process called electroplating, which involves passing an electric current through a specially formulated solution. The electric current causes metal ions to deposit onto the surface of the electrode or contact point, forming a uniform layer of metal. This layer of metal increases the conductivity of the electrode or contact point and therefore increases its current carrying capacity.

Benefits of metal deposition

Using metal deposition for electrical contacts offers many benefits, such as improved performance, more reliable connections, and extended life. It also helps to reduce the risk of electrical interference and arcing due to its increased conductivity. Moreover, it can be used to repair damaged connectors or contacts, as well as enhance existing components.

Choosing the right metal deposition solution

When choosing a metal deposition solution for your applications, it’s important to consider the specific parameters of your project. For instance, you’ll need to consider the type of metal you want to use, the current you require, and the precise thickness of the metal layer you need. You’ll also need to consider the environment in which the solution will be used, as certain metals may corrode over time in certain environments.

UMICORE – a leading provider of metal deposition solutions

UMICORE is a leading provider of metal deposition solutions. They have developed a new connector plating process which significantly increases the lifetime of plug contacts for high current applications. This new plating technique is based on their proprietary technology and uses a unique combination of materials which provide superior corrosion protection and enhanced electrical conductivity.

To learn more about UMICORE’s new connector plating process, visit their website.


Metal deposition solutions are a great way to increase the current capabilities of electronic devices. By adding a layer of metal to the contact surfaces, these solutions can improve performance, reliability, and the life of the device. The right metal deposition solution for your project will depend on the type of metal you need, the current required, and the environment it will be used in. For reliable, high-quality solutions for your projects, look no further than UMICORE.

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Specialist longevity high current plugs