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Metal deposition is a vital process in the manufacturing of various electronic devices, particularly in high power applications. In order to ensure efficient and reliable performance, it is crucial to use plating solutions that meet the specific requirements of these applications. The recent development of a new connector plating standard by Umicore has brought about significant improvements in the quality and functionality of metal deposition solutions for high power connectors. In this article, we will discuss the features of this new standard and how it helps manufacturers find optimal plating solutions for their high power connector needs.

Overview of the new connector plating standard:

Umicore, a leading provider of metal deposition solutions, recently announced the launch of a new connector plating standard for plug contacts in high power applications. This standard, called the “New Connector Plating Standard”, aims to improve the performance and reliability of high power connectors by addressing issues such as corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and thermal stability.

Features of the new standard:

The new connector plating standard for high power applications offers several improvements over its predecessors. Firstly, it provides enhanced corrosion resistance, which is crucial for connectors that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This is achieved through the use of advanced coating materials and techniques that provide a barrier against moisture and other corrosive substances.

Secondly, the new standard ensures excellent electrical conductivity, which is essential for the efficient transmission of high power currents. This is achieved by carefully selecting and optimizing the composition of the plating materials to minimize the electrical resistance between the connector and the contact.

Finally, the new standard also addresses the issue of thermal stability, which is critical in high power applications where connectors may be subjected to extreme temperatures. The new plating solution can withstand high heat without compromising its performance, ensuring consistent functionality even in challenging environments.

Benefits of using the new standard:

The introduction of the new connector plating standard brings several benefits to manufacturers of high power connectors. Firstly, it allows them to meet the increasing demand for high-performance connectors that can withstand the rigors of modern industrial and automotive applications. By improving the reliability and functionality of their products, manufacturers can gain a competitive edge in the market.

Moreover, the use of the new standard also helps manufacturers save on costs by reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repair of their connectors. This is achieved through the improved corrosion resistance and thermal stability of the plating solution, which ultimately leads to longer service life and lower overall costs.

Furthermore, the adoption of the new standard also contributes to better environmental sustainability. The advanced coating materials used in this solution are free from harmful substances, making them eco-friendly and compliant with strict environmental regulations.


In conclusion, the new connector plating standard introduced by Umicore is a game-changer for high power applications. By offering enhanced features such as improved corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and thermal stability, this standard provides manufacturers with the ideal plating solution for their high power connectors. Furthermore, it also brings numerous benefits such as improved functionality, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. As the demand for high-performance connectors continues to rise, the adoption of this new standard will play a crucial role in meeting these requirements and driving innovation in the electronics industry.

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