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Customisation Longevity High Current Plugs


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Metal Deposition Solutions Customisation Longevity High Current Plugs

Umicore’s Metal Deposition Solutions (MDS) division offers customised metal plating solutions for high current plugs. With an impressive track record of developing high-performance, long-lasting technology, this is a great option for anyone in need of an industrial-grade connector that can stand up to high-powered electrical applications.

Key Benefits of MDS Technology

At Umicore, we understand that the right metal deposition solution can be the difference between your application running smoothly or failing prematurely. That’s why our MDS team is dedicated to providing our customers with exactly what they need to succeed. Our connectors are designed for superior longevity, with special attention given to corrosion resistance and wear tolerance. The following are just a few of the unique benefits that our high current plugs offer:

Improved Longevity

MDS high-performance plugs are designed with durability in mind. Our proprietary coating process ensures enhanced corrosion resistance and wear tolerance, providing improved durability and longevity compared to other connectors. This is particularly important for applications where the connectors will be exposed to harsh environments such as dust, saltwater, or extreme temperatures.

Enhanced Safety

Our connectors are designed to stand up to heavy use without sacrificing safety. We use specially formulated coatings to protect against electric shock and short circuiting, safeguarding not only the application itself but those working around it.

Customisable Solutions

Umicore’s MDS team develops custom solutions to meet the exact specifications our clients require. Whether you need a specialised coating, a unique design, or something entirely new, our team can work with you to develop a solution that meets your specific needs.

Sustainable Materials

At Umicore, we are committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Our MDS team uses sustainable materials wherever possible, making it easy for our clients to adhere to environmental standards while still getting the highest quality connectors on the market.


Umicore´s Metal Deposition Solutions team provides customized, high-performance metal plating solutions for high-current plugs. Our solutions are designed for superior longevity, corrosion resistance, and wear tolerance, ensuring that your application runs smoothly for years to come. Plus, we offer customisable solutions and sustainable materials for improved safety and a reduced carbon footprint. For more information, including details about our new connector plating standard, check out our latest news article at For all your industrial connector needs, trust the experts at Umicore to deliver top-quality metal deposition solutions.

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Customisation longevity high current plugs