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Metal Deposition Solutions Compare Longevity For High Current Plugs

If you´re in the market for a reliable, long-lasting solution for high current plugs, metal deposition solutions may be exactly what you need. Whether you´re looking to protect plugs from extreme temperatures, corrosive atmospheres, or high-current spikes, there´s the perfect metal deposition solution for you. Keep reading to learn more about these innovative solutions and which one might work best for your application.

What are Metal Deposition Solutions?

Metal deposition solutions are processes that involve the introduction of a layer of metal to a substrate surface. This process can be used for various purposes, including protecting or reinforcing the surface and improving its electrical properties. Metal deposition can use either physical vapor deposition or chemical reaction deposition to form the desired layer. It´s a complex process, as meticulous attention must be paid to the conditions in which the metal deposits to ensure quality results.

Benefits of Using Metal Deposition Solutions for High Current Plugs

When it comes to protecting plugs from high-current surges, metal deposition solutions are highly beneficial. Here are just some of the advantages of using this process:

Strength and Durability

Metal deposition solutions can produce incredibly strong and durable layers, making them ideal for protecting plugs from the harsh environment they will be exposed to. Whether it’s high temperatures or corrosive atmospheres, these solutions offer superior protection that is sure to last.


The metal deposition process provides endless flexibility in terms of the type of metal being used, the thickness of the layer, and the number of layers that can be applied. It also allows for easy customization to better match the specific requirements of each application.

Improved Electrical Conductivity

The metal deposition layers are highly conductive and can reduce the amount of electricity lost through resistance. This allows for improved performance with fewer potential problems caused by a decrease in electricity flow.


Metal deposition solutions can be a cost-effective way to protect high-current plugs, as they can reduce energy costs and help with long-term reliability.

How Does Metal Deposition Work?

The metal deposition process starts with a metal being placed onto a heated substrate, usually done through physical vapor deposition or chemical reaction deposition. The heated metal deposits onto the substrate and bonds with it, creating an even layer of metal. Once the desired layer of metal is achieved, the substrate is cooled down and removed.

What Are the Different Types of Metal Deposition Solutions?

The type of metal deposition used depends on the application. Typically, physical vapor deposition is used to deposit thin layers of elements such as gold, aluminum, silver, and copper. Chemical reaction deposition is used for thicker layers of other metals, such as iron and nickel.

Comparing Metal Deposition Solutions

In the market for metal deposition solutions for your high current plugs? Here´s a comparison of two of the most popular options:

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a form of metal deposition that uses a vacuum to introduce a layer of metal onto the substrate. PVD is an excellent option for high-temperature applications and offers superior protection against corrosion.

Chemical Reaction Deposition (CRD)

Chemical reaction deposition (CRD) is a form of metal deposition that uses the chemical reaction of metal ions with a chemical vapor. This process creates a thick, uniform layer of metal that is ideal for improved electrical properties.

What Does the Future Hold for Metal Deposition Solutions?

Metal deposition solutions are continually being improved and adapted for different applications. Recently, UMICORE announced the development of a new connector plating standard for plug contacts in high power applications. This new process takes advantage of the superior properties of metal deposition solutions to provide enhanced reliability, improved performance, and increased longevity.

For businesses looking for reliable, long-lasting protection for their high current plugs, metal deposition solutions are a great choice. With a range of options available, from physical vapor deposition to chemical reaction deposition, it is possible to find the right solution to get the job done. As the technology develops, so too will the capabilities of these solutions, allowing companies to create even better products than ever before.

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Compare longevity high current plugs