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Advantages Longevity High Current Plugs


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Metal Deposition Solutions: Advantages of Longevity and High Current Plugs

The Epoxy Coated Copper (ECC) standard is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for producing high current plug connectors. This standard of metal deposition offers several advantages over traditional plating processes, primarily when it comes to longevity and safety. In addition, as the demand for high-power electrical components increases, metal deposition solutions offer manufacturers numerous advantages that make them more suitable for these applications. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using metal deposition solutions for longer lasting, high current plugs.

What are Metal Deposition Solutions?

Metal deposition solutions are a type of technology used in the manufacturing of electrical components such as plugs and sockets. In this process, metal is deposited onto the surface of a metallic substrate. The process of metal deposition includes applying a thin layer of metal onto a target area, resulting in a higher level of conductivity and durability than other conventional plating techniques. This coating generally improves corrosion resistance and extends the life of components.

How Do They Work?

Metal deposition solutions are composed of two distinct steps. The first step involves electroplating the metal onto the substrate, which involves passing an electric current through the metal in order to deposit it onto the substrate. The second step involves the use of an e-coat or epoxy coating, which is then applied to the metal to provide additional insulation and protection. The combination of the two steps ensures that the metal remains stable and remains in place for extended periods of time.

Advantages of Using Metal Deposition Solutions

One of the main advantages of using metal deposition solutions is that they provide longer lasting, more reliable products than traditional plating methods. This increased reliability translates into more reliable and durable products. This is especially beneficial when it comes to high power electrical components, as the increased reliability can mean the difference between failure and success.

In addition, metal deposition solutionsare more cost effective than other plating methods. This is especially true when it comes to the production of high current plugs, which require large amounts of metal and require complex processes for the application of the metal. As a result, metal deposition solutions can save manufacturers time and money in the production of these components.

Finally, metal deposition solutions are safer than other plating methods, particularly when it comes to high power applications. As the metal is applied using an electric current, there is no risk of chemical burns or other hazards associated with traditional plating methods. Additionally, the process of applying the metal is extremely fast and efficient, meaning that production times are significantly reduced.

UMICORE’s New Connector Plating Standard

UMICORE recently announced their new connector plating standard for plug contacts in high power applications. This new standard is based on their ECC metal deposition technology and offers improved performance and reliability when compared to traditional plating methods. This is made possible by the use of a robust electroplating-e-coating system that allows for precise metal deposition and uniform layer thickness. Additionally, the process uses only environmentally friendly chemicals, resulting in a shorter curing time and better performance.

This new technology has been tested and proven in a range of high power applications and is now available to select customers. UMICORE’s metal deposition solutions are designed to provide enhanced performance and reliability, offering manufacturers the best solution for their high current plug needs.


Metal deposition solutions offer numerous advantages over traditional plating methods, primarily when it comes to longevity and safety. In addition, the process is more cost effective and faster, making it an ideal choice for high power applications. UMICORE’s new connector plating standard, based on their ECC metal deposition technology, is designed to provide superior performance and reliability for high current plug components. With this technology, manufacturers can expect improved performance and longer lasting products for their high power needs.

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Advantages longevity high current plugs